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川崎 朋子

Tomoko Kawasaki

Founder & President

1996年昭和女子大学文学部英米文学科卒業後、三井物産株式会社の情報産業分野関連会社に入社。Bloomberg, Deloitte, Kodak等大手外資系の日本法人顧客技術担当を経て2001年に渡米。
Los Angelesを拠点に日米企業の雇用をサポートする人材紹介会社に入社。現地の中小企業から大手企業まで数多くの顧客を担当する。13年の経験を経て、2015年に米国法人Triup, Inc.を設立。Los Angelesを拠点にキャリア転職に特化した人材紹介、人事・労務関連のコンサルティング、及び米国への進出企業サポートを中心に事業を展開。近年では人材育成研修など、教育関連にも注力している。​SHRM-CP保持


Linda Duffy

Executive HR Partner
Founder and President of Ethos Human Capital Solutions

Linda Duffy, Founder and President of Ethos Human Capital Solutions, has parlayed 30 years of executive human capital experience into a thriving business of recruiting, consulting, training, and organizational development. Known as “The People Problem Solver®,” Ethos Human Capital Solutions develops strategies for business leaders to get the right people, systems, and culture in place to achieve their goals. 

Linda is a certified Senior Professional in Human Resources (SPHR), a SHRM Senior Certified Professional (SHRM-SCP), and a certified Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming. Her advanced coaching skills were honed during her volunteer work as a Senior Leader for Robbins Research International. Linda previously served on the Board of Directors for two non-profit organizations and one HR association, and she currently leads a business networking group that serves non-profit organizations.

Linda has supported Triup as HR partner since 2016.



Koichi Motegi

Executive Trainer

Mind Shift 講師として日系(日本国内も含む)、米系企業にて従業員教育に携わる。


あらゆる状況に沿ったソリューションを提供する手法としてMind Shift (マインド・シフト)を活用。




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