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私のキャリアが少しでも発揮できるような仕事を紹介して頂けてとても嬉しく思い、感謝しております。     N. Ichikawa (製造メーカー) 





親身になって考えてくれる人材会社に出会え、仕事を紹介して頂いたことに大変感謝しています。              T. Kato   (製造メーカー

“It’s said that working with a professional saves you time and is greatly appreciated. I was lucky to work with Triup and I am very grateful for their professional approach. It was quick, precise and absolutely positive! She helped me to build a bridge with a future employer. It was a pleasure to work with her as an applicant and I would highly recommend Triup for valuable job seekers.                                 Iryna N (食品メーカー)

在職中の転職活動であったた為、面接など様々な場面において調整して頂く必要があったにも関わらず、私の状況を的確に把握し、ひとつひとつの事に丁寧に対応してくださり、非常に信頼できました。知識や経験も豊富で、質問等にも迅速に対応して頂いたこと、相談しやすく、親身になって話を聞いてくださった事も心強いサポートを得られていると感じました。お蔭様で、希望通りの就職が叶い、大変感謝しております。            Rio A (製造メーカー)

After several years of teaching, I decided to shift careers and look for something new. Thanks to Triup, I am now working at an amazing company.  Tomoko-san worked very hard to find me something that was nearby and fell within my salary request. I would recommend Triup to anyone who is looking for new employment.  Thank you for all your hard work!                                                                             Connie B (製造メーカー)

I was lucky enough to find just a few days after coming home from working in Japan. Not only was she extremely friendly, but she was able to find me a new job right away. Very considerable and care about my career. Thank you so much for everything! :) "          Nathan G (商社)

Thank you for introducing a job for me. This was my first time finding a job in the US since I immigrated to the US. Tomoko was very kind and supported me all the way to the end. I highly recommend this agency to anyone!

Jing G (Trading Company) 

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